Our Story

Why we are more than construction specialists?

For more than 20 years I have been a builder in the local Hitchin Town and surrounding areas as well as London. 


I have always loved doing what I do. You know, there is nothing quite like the feeling of handing over a transformed home to a family and seeing the excitement it brings them all as they move back into their new extension, kitchen, playroom, loft conversion or office space.


I was happy doing things the way most companies do, but I always knew there were things I could do to make the customer experience so much better.


It’s no surprise that for many people the idea of having building work done makes them feel nervous and, in many cases, stops them making changes to their homes that would make a difference to their lives.


Fear of spiralling costs, workers that might never do what they say and sometimes a poor-quality work stops many people from picking up the phone.


The truth is, that no one can eliminate all problems and promise a perfect build, but I want my company to do absolutely everything we can to make the building experience one that you feel positive about from start to finish.


That’s why I have created a company that puts YOU in the centre of what we do. Our company’s ambition is that working with us is easy and the only reason you lose a night’s sleep when we are working on your home is because you are excited to see the finished job!


Matthew Beckham

Managing Director